Beginning with the origins, Oycib means in Mayan language "the place of honey". In this projet, Oycib is an e-Research infrastructure for the Collective Intelligence Analysis.

With Oycib infrastructure we propose an analysis model, based in the digital practices and collaboration profiles for the development of Social Learning and the Context Awareness in the Collective Intelligence process.

The infrastructure design and the profiles proposed here, are based on historical studies about social organization glyphs in Mayan culture made​ by Montgomery (2002) and Calvin (2012).

Initially we worked with four collaboration profiles: the "Itzaat", the "Pitziil", the "Ayuxul" and the "Sajal" (profiles), but we can find others depending of the organization context. Thus, it's important to mention that each profile is found based on the e-Xploración model and they are the qualitative and quantitative interpretation of the collaborative practices. In this way, we propose methods based on Social Network Analysis for the learning and knowledge management.

Thus, the network in Oycib is called "Kaan" (sky or network in Mayan Lenguage) and represent a knowledge network of students and teachers of the Autonomous University of Hidalgo in Mexico. In the "Kaan" we present the visualization of the subjects and objects, such as persons, forums, blogs, files, groups and all the interactions among them. Additionally, each profile and their interactions is presented.

... you can interact with "Kaan" here.


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